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Table Covers

Also commonly referred to as Table Throws.  Table Covers are incredibly versitale, easily transportable and make a great way to advertise your business or promote an idea.


The following are practical locations where table covers are suitable for:

1. Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

  • Table Throws: Standard table throws drape over tables, covering the top and front. They are customizable with logos and brand colors, instantly attracting attention at trade show booths.

  • Stretch Fitted Covers: These covers snugly fit over tables, providing a sleek, modern appearance. Stretch fitted covers create a professional look, ensuring a memorable impression on potential clients and partners.

2. Corporate Events and Conferences:

  • Form Fitted Covers: Form fitted covers offer a tailored appearance, contouring to the table's shape. They exude professionalism and are ideal for corporate events, conferences, and meetings, reflecting a polished brand image.

3. Retail Promotions and Product Launches:

  • Table Throws: Table throws with vibrant graphics are excellent for retail displays and product launches. Placed on demonstration or sales tables, they attract customers, conveying essential product information.

4. Outdoor Events and Festivals:

  • Stretch Fitted Covers: Stretch fitted covers are perfect for outdoor events where wind resistance is crucial. They remain securely in place, even in breezy conditions, ensuring that branding remains visible and intact.

5. Charity and Fundraising Events:

  • Table Throws: Charity events often use table throws to display the organization's logo and mission, creating a visually appealing setup for donors and attendees. The professional presentation enhances credibility and trust.


Available in Throw, Fitted or Stretch Fit Styles

Table covers are versatile and impactful promotional items, suitable for a wide variety of events.  Their ability to add value to branding, professionalism, and information dissemination makes them essential for businesses and organizations looking to make a memorable impression at trade shows, corporate events, retail displays, outdoor festivals, and charitable gatherings.


  • Brand Visibility: Table covers act as eye-catching billboards, promoting businesses or ideas effectively. Customized with logos and slogans, they increase brand recognition among attendees.

  • Professionalism: A well-branded table cover instantly elevates the professional appearance of a booth or event space. It communicates attention to detail and commitment to quality.

  • Information Display: Table covers can be designed with contact information, services, or product details. This subtle yet effective marketing tool informs visitors about the business, encouraging meaningful conversations.

  • Consistency: For businesses participating in multiple events, table covers ensure consistency in branding across various venues. Consistent branding builds trust and reinforces the company's identity.

  • Customization: Table covers come in various sizes and materials, allowing businesses to tailor their choice based on specific event requirements. They can be matched with other promotional materials for a cohesive look.

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